Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy Day in every way

Ahh so busy. Yesterday was a long day. Woke Up at 5:45 and didnt go to sleep till 10:45. Even though I woke up pretty early, I still had to rush to school to get there before school started at 7:20. Typical. It was an uneventful Monday at school but what do you expect in the fourth marking period of senior year. Boring.
After School I took the bus home(yes i do have my license but, no I don't have a car) grabbed an apple and hopped on my bike to ride to the Subacute Rehab Center I volunteer at twice a week. I got there at around 2:30 and left at around 4:30. The people there are extremely friendly(for the most part) and I absolutely love helping others.
When I got back home I fed my two cats Moogie and Nala and cleaned my room a little bit(minimal effort) And befor I knew it, it was time for dinner :) I had Edamame and Garlic Peas, Greek Yogurt and Crabby Patties w/ Tartar Sauce(all vegetarian) I'm not a vegetarian anymore but I did dabble in Vegetarianism for a year.
That Night I went for an amazing boardwalk run for 5.11 miles in 41:21 and as soon as I got home I indulged in a yummy snack. I had a Tofu Apple Knish with a heaping amount of Peanut Butter, a pear, and my staple- Greek Yougurt! What a great day :)

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