Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mu-Shu Morning


This morning I had an amazing breakfast, a vegetarian Mu-Shu Wrap, greek yogurt and classic tribe hummus. I headed off to school. Blah Blah Blah Blah. I mean what's the point, even the teachers have senioritis now. For lunch today I packed a Spicy Chicken(fake) Salad Sandwich, Fruit Salad, Edamame and Garlic Peas. My lunch table is quite intrigues by my "interesting" meals that I pack. By the time I got home from school I needed a little snack so I chowed down on a Rome Apple. Yum. Then I read some of my favorite blogs and cleaned up the house a bit.

My little brother came home and I had to make him a snack for before he went to Basketball practice so I just threw a premade chicken pot pie in the oven. He's easy to please :)
I was very excited for dinner tonight, Fried Rice with Tofu from Dean's was on the menu and edamame,carrots, garlic peas and greek yogurt. It was perfect and hit the spot.


Again I got on the computer(I know it's a problem) and searched recipes that I could try. I knew I had to get on the tredmill at some point so I pryed myself away from the screen and laced up. I ran a total of 3.5 miles(.5 mile warm up and then 3 miles of fartlecks with .5 mile walking cool down) After my run I did 12 sets of 10 pushups with ab exercises in between each set of pushups.
Let's just say I was quite hungry afterwards so while I was making my lunch for tomorrow I also made a snack for tonight. It consisted of almond butter, cottage cheese, sweet potato, pear and strawberries. and it was oh so delicious and filling.


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