Thursday, May 19, 2011

took a little break

Took a little break from the blogging scene. I got distracted with life. I have been busy with school, running, zumba, family stuff and other things. A little more than a month until I graduate HIGH SCHOOL!! Finally, I can't wait.
On another note, tomorrow starts Relay For Life at my school and this year I am actually staying overnight. Let's hope I don't get too cranky because of my lack of sleep. It should be a good time though and it is definitely for an awesome cause,The American Cancer Society.
And now another thing I am looking forward to is the Avon Day 5k which is on June 4th. It will be the first competitive race I will be running in since my half marathon in April. Can't wait to get back in the racing scene and take in the race experience again. And I will be racing for the first time in my new shoes. I bought a pair of Newtons about two weeks ago and tey are absolutely amazing. Since I naturally am a midfoot runner, the Newton shoe is perfect because it is designed for how I run, instead of having a lot of cushioning in the heal, the shoe focuses more on the middle of the foot.
Well I want to have some other things to post about later so I am gonna cut this post short.
Dev da Rosie :)

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  1. so refreshing reading your blong, i love to see younger people like me get into running so early on in life!